Introducing Futurent’s platform about NFT Real Estate on Polygon

Futurent is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first true fractional NFT real estate platform on Polygon (MATIC).

The multi-network project starts with the launch on Polygon to utilize its low cost and fast transactions. It allows users to trade or rent Real estate, luxury cars, or luxury boats while securing the user’s safety using ownership proof check and escrow services for payments.

Fractional NFT Real Estate

Non-fungible tokens have long surpassed the art industry and have found use cases in financial sectors of the world, such as Real Estate. One of the best applications of NFTs in the real estate market is fractional ownership.

Fractional Ownership loosely refers to the ability to sell a part of the property to a large number of small investors by issuing tokens on the blockchain. The investors can hold these tokens to receive a rental income.

Futurent is thus simplifying the process of Fractional NFT Ownership of real-world assets such as Real Estates.

Multi-Network approach by Futurent

Futurent has partnered with various big strategic partners such as Chainlink to create a rewarding and smooth platform for the users. The project supports three primary sectors of Real Estate, Luxury Cars and Luxury Boats to offer the ability to make safe & secure investments, passive income via rentals, protection using strong privacy measures in DeFi space, and the added advantage of Liquidity for assets in every market.

How does Futurent operate?

Users can trade fractional NFT real estate for properties that are owned by Futurent’s legal entity. While the legal entity will retain ownership of the property, the rights will be divided among the investors using NFT Brick. Every fractional owner will subsequently receive revenue shares from renting the property or sale. Moreover, the user can trade the NFT Bricks at any time for as low as $500.

The Fractional Ownership service is currently under development as the expert team at Futurent is relentlessly working to ensure legal compliance and the best rewards. Apart from Real Estates, Futurent aims to apply fractional ownership for the automobile industry as well.

About Futurent

Futurent is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform for real estate and luxury cars. It has quickly become one of the pioneers in the NFT Real assets ownership field as a DeFi protocol that enables safe and secure trading and renting of luxury goods. What is new about its project is that it offers a unique NFT Lottery Ticket System where users can earn several rewards such as Lamborghini or a luxury trip to Dubai for as low as $5.

Futurent is powered by a flexible trading platform that supports companies in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the sector. The project is transforming the way users interact with NFT real estate assets. To learn more about Futurent, visit please visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |Reddit |



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