How to win NFT Lottery Tickets: the Future is near

The NFT Industry has long outgrown the initial idea of tokenizing real-world assets to include them on the blockchain. While this idea is still the driving force behind the mass adoption of NFTs, the NFT industry has a lot more to offer. Futurent is driving a component of this vast popularity and introducing a revolutionary concept of NFT Lottery Events.

Futurent is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform designed for the real estate industry and luxury cards industry. One of the USPs of Futurent is Fractional NFT Ownership which allows investors to own a part of a real estate property instead of the whole property.

The Fractional NFT ownership, when paired with NFT Lottery Tickets, make Futurent, the next big thing in the NFT Real Estate & Metaverse properties industry.

How to Participate in NFT Lottery

The Futurent Ecosystem is powered by the native FUTR Token that enables a variety of use cases within the ecosystem, such as:

  • Staking Tier with Great Rewards
  • Dashboard access for asset management
  • Exclusive discount deals with our partners
  • Reward program for most active users
  • An advanced revenue claim system
  • Escrow service for each deal on the platform
  • Guaranteed buybacks for NFT Bricks
  • Airdropping NFT lottery tickets
  • Mobile app for better accessibility

However, arguably the most interesting use case of holding FUTR tokens is that every token holder can participate in the NFT Lottery.

Futurent offers two NFT Lotteries.

A Luxury Trip for $5

FUTR token holders can participate in the NFT Lottery for $5 to win exciting prizes such as,

  • 7-night stay for two persons in Burj Al Arab
  • Fabulous breakfast at the hotel
  • Covered flight expenses of $2,000
  • Spending money of $3,5000
  • Free welcome drink and gift
  • Special Discounts at Futurent’s partners in Dubai

A Premium Car at $20

The second lottery by Futurent is for $20 with bigger and better rewards.

  • Giveaway of Tesla S or Lamborghini car
  • Fully covered delivery worldwide
  • Basic registration costs
  • Basic insurance costs
  • Possibility of buybacks instead of collecting rewards

Futurent’s goal is to use cryptocurrency to cover the majority of trading and rental sectors. Luxury boats and yachts are an obvious complement. The concept is very similar to that of automobiles, which is why they would represent the next venture. Other promising fields are advertising space, private jets, mining hardware and other luxury goods such as jewelry, watches, and so on.

Futurent has developed an extremely rewarding platform where users can not only benefit from the NFT Lottery but also by holding the FUTR token. Users can also stake the FUTR tokens to earn APY of up to 120% in a flexible monthly, quarterly, and yearly locking period. Futurent is taking the NFT Real Estate & Metaverse properties approach a notch further by offering NFT Lottery and other rewarding features.

To learn more about the project, visit Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |Reddit | Medium



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