Futurent’s Goal to be the Safest and most Secure Platform

The increasing number of hacks and rug pulls in the digital economy makes ensuring user safety and privacy the most vital task for every crypto, blockchain, and DeFi project. However, while assuring safety, privacy, and decentralization is important, users should not be compromised and a comprehensive solution must be achieved by the project that benefits all parties.

Futurent is a fractional NFT Real Estate project, and aims to achieve a trifecta of security, privacy, and decentralization while offering next-level trading and investment services. Futurent is a blockchain-powered rental and trading platform for NFT real estate & metaverse properties that efficiently enables fractional NFT ownership of real-world assets.

For Futurent, the safety of its users is paramount. To that extent, the project has implemented several measures that not only secure the platform but also increase the utility.

Security with Futurent

As Futurent is a blockchain-based platform that offers fractional NFT ownership, it is inherently secure. NFTs are tokens assigned to real-world assets to create an immutable proof of ownership and copyright. As manipulating data on the blockchain and NFT is nearly impossible, they offer a secure way to register sensitive information.

Futurent builds on this principle by adding multiple layers of security and utility.

  • Safe and Secure Investing

All investments of Futurent are backed by real-world assets under robust safety protocols such as escrow services when dealing with a third party.

  • Strong DeFi Privacy

Futurent understands the importance of privacy and secures the environment using different DeFi protocols to ensure rewarding and safe investing.

  • Backed Liquidity Assets

All NFT Real Estate assets are pre-owned by Futurent’s legal entity to avoid legality issues. Moreover, these assets and corresponding revenues are independent of the crypto market conditions.

Apart from that, Futurent offers a $FUTR token that is secured and protected using blockchain technology and DeFi protocols. All the corresponding use cases, such as staking, discounts, reward programs, revenue claim system, escrow services, NFT lottery, and mobile apps, are secured for users.

About Futurent

Futurent is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform for real estate and luxury cars, and in the future, luxury boats and other goods. It employs DeFi protocols to enable fractional NFT ownership rights of real-world assets in the simplest way possible. Users will also be able to rent listed assets in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Futurent is powered by a flexible trading platform that supports companies in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the sector. The project is transforming the way users interact with NFT real estate assets. For more information, please visit Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Reddit | Medium.



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