DCI opens the Fundraising for the Earliest Rounds

Fundraising is an essential part of the project’s development as it helps in adding more utility to the project and growth. Moreover, it allows crypto investors to become stakeholders in the project and guide them to a sustainable future.

Futurent is thrilled to announce that it is opening the earliest fundraising rounds by partnering with Dutch Crypto Investors. Futurent is a next-level trading and investment platform built on blockchain for all investors. The project also serves as a rental and trading platform for NFT Real Estates and properties, heading into the Metaverse sector.

The early funding round will help Futurent gather capital for the development of the project and add more assets apart from Real Estate and metaverse properties, starting with Luxury Cars and then Boats. Moreover, as Futurent uses DeFi protocols to enable Fractional NFT Ownership, the funds will be allocated for the development of these protocols.

Futurent is growing at an exponential rate with the help of its community support and partnerships with projects such as Dutch Crypto Investors. Moreover, the project recently upgraded its team by adding new members, Ritam Gupta as a Strategic Advisor, Vishnu Gupta as a Development Advisor, and Ziga Flis as a Blockchain Advisor.

For the funding round, Dutch Crypto Investors was an ideal choice as it is a renowned venture capitalists firm that has helped several startups in the crypto space with capital, marketing, and strategic partnerships. The crypto VC firm will help Futurent to gather funds as it processes its development pertaining to the roadmap.

About Dutch Crypto Investors

DCI Capital helps different startups by promoting their growth and providing initial funding, marketing, well-designed AMAs, and strategic partnerships in the Blockchain, Metaverse, and DeFi sector. The VC firm was created to provide marketing solutions and funding for various startups in the crypto space.

DCI Capital is backed by highly skilled professionals with expertise in the blockchain space and has funded over 300 blockchain-based startups in generating awareness. To learn more about DCI Capital, visit Website | Twitter.

About Futurent

Futurent is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform for real estate and luxury cars, and in the future, luxury boats and other goods. It employs DeFi protocols to enable fractional NFT ownership rights of real-world assets in the simplest way possible. Users will also be able to rent listed assets in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Futurent is powered by a flexible trading platform that supports companies in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the sector. The project is transforming the way users interact with NFT real estate assets. For more information, please visit Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Reddit | Medium.



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