2021 Recap and Plans for 2022

Ensuring sustainability is one of the most important aspects of any cryptocurrency project. While several projects offer extensive use cases, they fail to incorporate a future-proof approach that ensures increasing utility for the project and more rewards for the community.

However, Futurent has ensured a sustainable future using a scalable approach by combining blockchain technology with the Real Estate Industry. Futurent is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform for real estate and metaverse properties. It leverages blockchain technology to facilitate fractional NFT ownership of Real Estate while incentivizing the project with NFT lottery events.

Futurent is making headway as the NFT Real Estate and Metaverse sector pioneer. Since its inception, Futurent has been making headlines in various publications and the crypto community, including the likes of NewsBTC.

Here are a few of the achievements so far.

The Forerunners in the NFT Real Estate & Metaverse Sector

Futurent is one of the forerunners in the NFT Real Estate and Metaverse Sector with its unique utility of blockchain technology and the DeFi protocols that enable secure and safe transactions. In addition, Futurent offers fractional NFT ownership of Real Estate assets and unique NFT Giveaway tickets that can help users receive exquisite rewards such as an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai or Lamborghini.

Fractional NFT Real Estate and Where to Find It

The concept of fractional ownership in Real Estate is excellent because of its simplicity and inclusion of low-scale investors that cannot afford to purchase the entire assets. With Fractional NFT ownership, investors can purchase a part of the property and enjoy the same rent and sale income benefits.

How the Metaverse is Leading the Crypto space

A few months back, the social media giant Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta to incorporate a metaverse approach which is also being experimented with by projects such as Google, Microsoft, and Epic Games.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are an important part of the metaverse. Projects such as Futurent are leading this charge by developing NFT ownership of real estate assets that hold a significant value in the metaverse.

Futurent, the world’s pioneering NFT real estate platform, is taking fractional real estate a step further by allowing joint landowners to revenue share on rental properties. This utility will serve an important role in developing the NFT Metaverse.

Plans for 2022

While Futurent has already made significant progress in developing blockchain technology, it has no plans to limit its expansion. Futurent has several projects under development, including luxury boat inclusion, Mobile Wallet, Triple IDO launch, IEO listing on CEX, and many more.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem expands, Futurent will expand with it and introduce new use cases and cater to the ever-growing demand expertly.

About Futurent

Futurent is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform for real estate and luxury cars, and in the future, luxury boats and other goods. It employs DeFi protocols to enable fractional NFT ownership rights of real-world assets in the simplest way possible. Users will also be able to rent listed assets in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Futurent is powered by a flexible trading platform that supports companies in adopting cryptocurrency payments in the sector. The project is transforming the way users interact with NFT real estate assets.

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